Contact to Sell Your Business

The decision to sell is a difficult one for any owner but with today’s active markets now is the time to sell your small Atlantic Canada business in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador or Prince Edward Island with Dan Jennings and BDO’s business brokerage and transaction advisory services.

Is now the time to sell your business? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We operate business brokerage service across Atlantic, Canada.

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230 Brownlow Ave, Park Place V, Suite 120, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0G5

Phone: (902) 536-0635
Cell: (902) 817-8904

Fax: (902) 444-5539


Our auction process

With our Atlantic Canada business brokerage service, we create a bidding war for the sale of your business. BDO will use the competitive tension amongst buyers to negotiate the best price and terms.

You pay us when you succeed

Our M&A fee structure is designed such that we are motivated to ensure your sale transaction is successful. Our fees are both contingent on a successful closing as well as tied to maximizing your proceeds.

Maintain confidentiality

Our M&A process is designed to maximize your sale proceeds while maintaining the confidentiality of your business with regards to customers, suppliers and employees.

The decision to sell can be a difficult one for any owner but today’s active markets may mean now is the time to sell your business.

Dan Jennings

Merger & Acquisitions Advisor and Business Broker
Partner, BDO, Atlantic